Are You Jealous?

Let’s talk about jealousy shall we? There are some very, well, raw emotions we as humans feel and among a lot of unpleasant ones, like jealousy. It would be the very first one I would like to ban from the human emotions. I have seen how jealousy has ruined/hurt families or people; it’s not pretty. I would never say that I’m not jealous every once in a while but I’m not overly either; just somewhere there at the bottom half of the meter bar. Sometimes, you can’t help it, It’s part of life, and of course it’s a natural feeling but rather letting it take over you, wouldn’t be much better if you understood what caused this reaction in you? Women, we are sometimes our own enemies. I have had experiences myself when I have encountered such behavior from other females. For example: a girl from my high school “thought” I was romancing her boyfriend so she took it upon herself to call me a WHORE whenever she saw me in the hallway. Hence why, I don’t miss high school at all. Anyway, at first, I didn’t understand her behavior (naive me). I wanted to confront her and ask her what was her problem, since I never really spoke to her at all, but something inside me told me to just ignore her and not acknowledge her. Eventually, she went away. I guess she realized I never was the problem to her relationship problems. I often cruise through comments online, whether it is on Facebook, YouTube or on other blogs and there are so many women out there who always have negative comments or judgments about their own gender; especially about celebrity’s relationships. What you have to understand is we are all different. What works for you may not work for others. It’s their life, their mistakes, their consequences. I can never meet another woman and judge her right off the bat because of her actions or whatever; even so I will keep it to myself. I’m more interested in her experiences, how she grew up, what she learned, what made her the way she is. She was born an innocent child into a harsh world, and that alone changes a person enough. I remember having this kind of conversation with a close friend of mine one day, and she revealed to me how a snap chat of hers while eating, that was taken by a guy friend of hers, which was sent to another female by him resulted in being called “Fake.” I guess everyone who eats while being snap chatted is “Fake.” You would think she would have made a joke of the food or my friend face expression while eating. Understanding your jealousy takes some work because you have to be truthful to yourself and face the ugly truth about yourself. Ladies, instead of using that negative energy bringing each others down, reverse it into a positive one to a better you. You would be amazed at how much more focused you are on yourself and things you never thought you could accomplish. I know we all have been dumped by a guy for another girl. So what? Would you rather he pretends he likes you instead of you realizing, he/she is not right for you. Men are mostly jealous of each other if, 1. One has a better job than the other and 2. One has a good woman who loves him. So my point is we are not doing any good to each others by not sticking together. Yes, our morals and beliefs are different and it doesn’t mean you have to be friends with all the females in the world but there’s also no need to criticize or judge. Understand where they come from, what they have been through, be happy for each other, support, help if you can, and if not move on and/or pray for a better world. At the end of the day, we all have our demons and struggles. Some might have it easier than others. That’s enough motivation right there to work harder and make your life better. Life is not fair.


2 thoughts on “Are You Jealous?

  1. Great Article with positive words of encouragement. However, check out new book, an inspirational, women issues book that deals with jealousy, “Hell in Heels: Jealousy, Vengeance, and Envy Amongst Women”. It entails the reasons why the “green witch” of envy, seems to get the best of women when it comes to desiring something that the next woman has. Also, the book indicates stories of reformed women who paid hefty prices for their hideous acts of jealousy against innocent women whom never harmed them. The book was written to encourage, enlighten, empower, and to uplift one another instead of tearing one another down. (,,

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